China Canvas Prints offers Photo to Canvas Prints at 70% off RRP!

China canvas prints

Nov 24, 2014-China-China Canvas Prints ramp up marketing drive by offering retail customers state of the art photo to canvas prints at wholesale prices.

Photo to Canvas Prints have become increasingly popular in recent times and coupled with the rise of the Internet and advent of social media applications the previously lengthy process of photos to canvas prints production has become much simpler.

The Managing Director of China says, ‘ In response to the growing phenomenon that is Social Media we have implemented a system where our customers can not only upload photos to our site from their cache in their laptops or home computers but also through Facebook and Instagram. This enables our customers to upload photos from mobile devices whilst on the move and order canvas prints delivered directly to their home. We feel that this new technology will allow us to build a broader client base and actively reach out to those who use Social Media regularly. There is also the small matter of our wholesale pricing to retail customers!’

Aside from their obvious appeal to retail customers, high quality Photo to Canvas Prints can also be utilized in the interior design of offices, restaurants, hotels and other commercial premises. First impressions are said ‘to count’ so carefully selected Canvas Prints could create a positive impression to customers/clients when visiting a business.

Julian Parks goes onto say, ‘We believe we have come up with a winning formula combining the convenience of uploading through Social Media and delivering industry leading quality Canvas Prints at wholesale prices. We also know from experience that our flat rate capped shipping charge is also attractive to our clients.’

China canvas prints drop shipping is China leading canvas printing company offering their customers a huge select of sizes, canvas wrapping options, wall display packages, photo splits, special effects and a massive art gallery with over ten million photos to choose from.


XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD is most professional supplier for China Canvas Prints and photo on canvas dropship. If you choose them, you can get high quality giclee canvas printing at the lowest prices!


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